• Bedford Park SidewalksThis is a list of frequently asked questions about Bedford Park.

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    How much are the taxes?

    There are two portions to our tax bills:

    • Ad Valorem (based on assessed value) which is approximately 2.5% of the assessed value of the property
    • Non Ad Valorem (not based on assessed value) which is a flat fee comprised of the following in Bedford Park:
      – $153 Stormwater maintenance in Tradition
      – $262 for Solid Waste (trash bill)
      – $76.57 Tradition operations and maintenance for Townhomes and $153.14 for Single Family Homes
      –  465.89 Tradition Bond for Townhomes and $852.33 for Single Family Homes
    Taxes are paid annually and the figures above are from the 2011 bills.
    Search a specific property’s tax bill by using the St. Lucie County Tax Collector’s website.
    Please note that Homestead Exemption does help you save money on your Ad Valorem taxes. Contact the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser’s office for specific questions.

    How much are the HOA fees and what do they include?

    Master association paid monthly, all residents: $138.71*


    Single Family Homes sub-association paid monthly: $159.50* – lawn care, basic cable, internet, security monitoring, use/maintenance of Bedford Park common area.

    Townhomes sub-association paid monthly: $177.92* – insurance on the building, lawn care, basic cable, internet, security monitoring, use/maintenance of Bedford Park common area.

    * Verified with management company on February, 27th 2012. It is advised to call and check current fees as fees are subject to change.

    What school zone is Bedford Park in?

    By viewing the school map, it appears that Bedford Park is in the “Red Zone” in the St. Lucie County School district.
    To verify, visit the St. Lucie County School’s website by clicking this link and use the “School Search” button.

    Can I put up a fence?

    Yes, for single family homes subject to approval by the home owner’s association.
    No, for town homes.

    Can I plant trees?

    Possibly – must consult with the home owner’s association.


    Information subject to change. Please consult the management company, bylaws, and rules & regs of the community for most accurate information. 

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